Laura and Andy

Invite You to Celebrate At their Wedding

We are taking the plunge, tying the knot and jumping the broom - we are getting married!

Saturday, August 1 2015
12:30pm St John The Baptist Church Church Road, Marlow fun + festivities to follow

Our Story

The year was 2004. Ja Rule was on the radio, everyone was learning the Cha Cha Slide and Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Life was good.

2004 was also the year that Andy and Laura first met in the common room of St Edward's College. They became friends, regularly hanging out with their large group of mates. Funnily enough, they used to go to the pub together to talk about who they fancied reassuring each other that, of course, they would eventually end up with them.

Then the following year, on Laura's 18th birthday, they had their first kiss and became college sweethearts. All together now: aww!

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Andy and Laura finished St Edward's on a high. Namely because in the leavers' celebrations, they won The Mills and Boon Award for Most Romantic Couple!

They went to separate universities. Andy went to Chester to wing his way though... ahem, sorry, STUDY Computer Science, while Laura went to Edge Hill to study Teaching. After Laura graduated, they moved in together in Chester. Their swanky two-bed flat was where they hosted rowdy New Years parties and student BBQs, as well as all nighter sessions of Mario Party on the Nintendo Wii.

They visited Japan and caught the big-city bug. Laura applied for NQT jobs in London and landed herself a job in Bentworth Primary School. One problem: nowhere to live. Travelodge was where they called home for the first two weeks!

Soon enough, they moved to Hammersmith and Andy got a job with Spook. Now that both of them had proper grown-up jobs, they could concentrate on the most important things - spending all their money on restaurants, drinks and going on holiday! Obviously.

While they were out eating, drinking and being legendary, they managed to find some people who actually enjoyed spending time with them! Real life friends!

Two of those friends, Alex and Faye, went on holiday with them in 2011, in a meticulously planned, 6 week adventure entitled Epic Roadtrip. Andy and Laura ticked one thing of their bucket list as they travelled 6000 miles coast-to-coast across America in an awesome Chevvy Impala that they nicknamed Brad.

Any couple that has been together for more than a few years are constantly asked the same questions. "When are you going to make it official?" "Will we hear wedding bells soon?" and Laura's personal favourite, where they take your hand and give you a sympathetic look "No ring yet?"

It was something that they had talked about often so they always knew it would happen eventually. Instead, ever the romantics, Andy and Laura often planned date days for each other. One person planned a whole day for the other, with little surprises along the way. Well it was Saturday 22nd June 2013 and it was Andy's turn to plan a day for Laura.

He had decided that 9 and a half years had been long enough... he was finally going to pop the question!

(Get ready for this... It's a big one...)

First thing in the morning, Andy told Laura that the first surprise was that he was sending her to get her nails done. Then they were going to go on a picnic. "It's a bit windy" thought Laura, but Andy rushed her out, telling her not to worry.

When she got home, Laura let herself in and immediately saw the corridor decorated with notes. One read 'Because we know each other so well, whatever I plan, you'll see coming from a mile off... but I'd like to think I can still surprise you."

Inside the flat were more notes and the picnic basket, empty. Music was playing and Andy was nowhere to be seen. He had booked a taxi and left an outfit out for Laura (who was now crying soppy tears!)

When Laura got to Charlotte Street, it was not Andy, but their friend Alex, holding another note, telling her to go to the Tower of London. Alex and Laura got the cab there and another friend Luke turned up, with yet another note! They all made their way to a hotel where Alex and Luke directed Laura to a small room.

Inside the room was Andy, suited and booted. He went down on one knee and popped the question. Obviously Laura said yes!

A further 2 years down the line and the day is finally here! All of the hours spent pouring over wedding binders will soon come together in a huge celebration of love and loved ones.

We are honoured, excited and thankful that you are choosing to spend our special day with us. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

- Our Story


Best Man: Alex Parish

Amrit Bhambra

Jamie Hughes

Casey Lee

Luke Marsh


Maid of Honour: Jemma Crawley

Faye Barber

Beth Carlen

Nikki Girvan

Paula Yasui

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